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Volume 30, Number 7c, February 15, 2023
FAA, NTSB Investigate United 777 Post-Takeoff Close Call
The NTSB and FAA are investigating a Dec. 18, 2022, incident in which a United Boeing 777 appeared to depart controlled flight into a steep descent after departing Maui for San Francisco, according to the industry data site The Air[…]   Read this article
Buying A Used Aircraft: Beech Duke
Moving up out of a Baron or even a Bonanza, buyers might eyeball the Beech Duke. A step below the King Air, this good-looking pressurized piston twin impresses with its business airplane passenger cabin. Powered by Lycoming TIO-541 engines, a[…]   Read this article
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Beta Technologies Alia-250 Prototype Flies A Demo At New York-Area Airport
Beta Technologies and Blade Air Mobility jointly announced what they call the “historic” first New York metropolitan-area flight today (Feb. 14) of Beta’s Alia-250 prototype electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The aircraft took off conventionally, but did have[…] Read this article

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Charter Operator Launches Campaign To Combat 'Gray' Charter Operations
California-based Exquisite Air Charter has added its own “extra layer” of protection for helping customers identify illegal charter operations. Citing an influx of first-time charter customers spurred to private air travel by the COVID pandemic, the company said it is[…] Read this article

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Aviation Finds Some Support In Robb Report Article On Sustainability
A current article on the Robb Report website takes a look at the issue of flight shaming, and how private aviation is responding. The article starts with examining how private aviation is leading the charge down the road toward carbon[…] Read this article

Short Final: Visitor Parking
Arriving at 3B0 – Southbridge for breakfast at the new diner, I discovered the crosswind was gusting a touch more that I had hoped. Ready to go to my alternate, I managed to get down without making a complete klutz[…] Read this article