Volume 28, Number 34b, August 18, 2021
Can Unleaded Avgas Blunt Efforts To Close Reid-Hillview Airport?
Reid-Hillview Airport in East San Jose, California, is in the news with an announcement Monday that its based aircraft will now be “switching to unleaded fuel after years of demands.” That revelation, following some high-profile reporting on lead contamination around[…]   Read this article
'Chaos' At Kabul's Airport As Evacuation Flights Are Mobbed
Chaos reigned at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, following the takeover of the capital by Taliban forces. At least seven have died trying to flee, including two Afghans who fell to their deaths trying to cling to the[…]   Read this article
Mars Copter Completes 12th Sortie, Far Exceeding Expectations
As logbook entries go, a little less than 19 minutes’ total time and 1.4 miles might not sound like much. But it’s a lot when you consider it’s time logged on another planet. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter added 169 seconds[…] Read this article

flyGATEWAY Orders 20 Piper Pilot 100i Aircraft
Piper Aircraft announced on Monday that it has received an order from flyGATEWAY Aviation Institute for 20 Pilot 100i single-engine trainers. flyGATEWAY, a Part 141 flight academy with locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware, expects to begin taking deliveries of the[…] Read this article

Navy Summer Academy Notches Private Certificates For Three Students
Naval aviation is doing its part to spark interest in aviation among minorities. With only 2.3 percent African American Navy aviation officers, the Command, Naval Air Forces (CNAF) launched an eight-week summer program in which three candidates, Damon Benson, Ashton[…] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication, Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports listed here are preliminary and include only initial factual findings about crashes. You can learn more about the final probable[…] Read this article

Short Final: Oshkosh Short
Many moons ago I was flying into Denver’s Centennial airport when tower asked me if I could make a short approach. As full of confidence as a low-time pilot could be, I replied, “Certainly, you want Oshkosh short?” Tower answered,[…] Read this article