Volume 28, Number 18c, April 30, 2021
Unmanned Helicopter Crashes Into Navy Ship
An unmanned MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopter crashed into the side of USS Charleston shortly after taking off from the ship […]   Read this article
New Taxes, Like Canada's Luxury Tax, Have A Way Of Spreading
Canada is moving forward on a big surtax on new private airplanes. Will the U.S. follow?   Read this article
Astronaut Michael Collins Passes Away
Pilot, astronaut and author Michael Collins passed away on Wednesday at the age of 90. Chosen as one of fourteen […] Read this article

Stratolaunch Completes First Flight Since 2019
The massive Stratloaunch aerial launch platform took to the air on Thursday for the first time since its initial flight […] Read this article

Looking Up Your Old N-Numbers
After a while, even brand-new pilots start racking up logbook entries in a series of different aircraft. At first, we […] Read this article

Robinson Delivers 13,000th Helicopter
Robinson Helicopter Company announced on Tuesday that it has delivered its 13,000th helicopter. The aircraft, an R44, went to Robinson […] Read this article

Latest King Airs Receive ANAC Certification
Textron Aviation announced on Wednesday that its Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER and King Air 260 aircraft have received certifications from […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, April 29, 2021
Flying from Sacramento Executive Airport (SAC) to Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) at 7,500 feet. Taken with a Samsung S10. f3. 2 1/400 8mm. Photo by Randy Legge. Read this article

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