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Volume 30, Number 40e, October 6, 2023
Ural Airlines Proceeding With Plans To Unstick Its Stranded Airbus
Though it might still be several months in the future, Ural Airlines has indicated it is proceeding with plans to fly its stranded A320 out of a remote field where it made an emergency landing on Sept. 12. According to[…]   Read this article
Proposed FAA Administrator Seems Likely To Win Congressional Nod
Former FAA Associate Administrator Michael Whitaker appears likely to become the next to hold the top job at the agency. Yesterday (Oct. 4) at confirmation hearings in Congress, Whitaker faced lawmakers’ questions on complicated issues involving shortages of pilots, air[…]   Read this article
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FedEx Boeing 757 Makes Successful No-Gear Landing In Chattanooga, Tennessee
A FedEx Boeing 757 freighter made a successful no-gear landing at Chattanooga (Tennessee) Metropolitan Airport (KCHA) late Wednesday night (Oct. 4). The three-person crew evacuated without injury after the aircraft skidded down the runway, streaming sparks, and came to rest[…] Read this article

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John Roncz, Master Aerodynamicist To Experimental Aircraft, Flies West
John Roncz, the master aerodynamicist who worked on Burt Rutan’s Voyager and Scaled Composites’ Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer projects, died Sept. 28 at age 75. An honors graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Roncz contributed to the aerodynamic designs of[…] Read this article

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United Airlines Orders Mix Of 110 New Boeing, Airbus Aircraft
United Airlines announced yesterday (Oct. 3) it is posting its second giant order for new-generation aircraft. Last December, the airline ordered 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners as it continues replacing aging aircraft types and places more focus on international flying. The[…] Read this article

Textron's Citation Ascend Cabin Mock-Up To Make NBAA-BACE Debut
Textron Aviation announced yesterday (Oct. 4) that a cabin mock-up of its developmental Cessna Citation Ascend will make its North American show debut at the National Business Aviation Association business aviation convention and exhibition (NBAA-BACE) later this month in Las[…] Read this article