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Volume 30, Number 44a, October 30, 2023
Cash-Strapped Van's Announces 'Recovery Plan'
Van’s Aircraft is curtailing normal business functions for two weeks as staff and management focus on saving the company from a serious cash crunch. As reported by KITPLANES Editor Marc Cook, Van’s founder Richard VanGrunsven announced Oct. 27 that the process,[…]   Read this article
Deconstructing The Cirrus Hate
Time can make all the difference. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, or two weeks, or the 623 long days it took NASA to put Apollo back on track after a deadly fire. For my purposes here, it’s three years and a[…]   Read this article
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Money-Losing Spirit Stops Hiring Flight Crew
According to company memos obtained by CNBC, Spirit Airlines will suspend pilot and flight attendant hiring next month following a disappointing third-quarter performance. Despite a busy travel season, the low-cost carrier reported its third-quarter earnings on Oct. 26 showing a[…] Read this article

Lightspeed 'Delta Zulu
Aircraft Damaged After Student Denied Solo
A 23-year-old flight student at Treasure Coast Flight Training in Stuart, Florida, is facing numerous charges after at least 10 aircraft were vandalized earlier this week. Officials allege he damaged the planes after being denied a solo flight. In a Facebook[…] Read this article

Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Air Filters
Naples Airport Move Pondered
Officials at Naples Municipal Airport in southwest Florida are determining whether a move would be feasible for the airport given community needs and current expansion constraints. Despite investing $10 million in noise mitigation programs since 2000, local residents have continued[…] Read this article

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