Volume 27, Number 14a, March 30, 2020
Coronavirus Airlift Begins
The first flight in a weekslong airlift of critical medical supplies to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. landed […]   Read this article
Flight Instruction: Just Say No
With doctors' and nurses' lives on the line everyday, I can't think of any justification for continuing flight training. Physical distancing is a civic duty.   Read this article
AVweb's DA40 NG Flight Trial
Diamond's diesel-powered DA40 NG is proving a popular choice for flight schools. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli explains the engine's details and gives the airplane a wring out in snowy London, Ontario.  Read this article

FAA Stops Medical Enforcement Until June 30
Any pilot whose medical expires after March 30 can continue to fly until June 30 without renewing in light of […] Read this article

Poll: At This Point, Are You Planning to Attend AirVenture?
Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community. Share your opinion by participating in our current poll. Read this article

Mask Shortage Results In AD Extension
The shortage of face masks has reached the FAA aircraft certification bureaucracy in the form of an extension of compliance […] Read this article

Boeing Chips In, So Can Individuals
Boeing is turning its vast manufacturing and transportation resources to helping with the coronavirus outbreak now that it has suspended […] Read this article

American, Canadian Killed In Philippine Medevac Crash
At least one American and one Canadian were among eight people killed in the reported explosion and crash of a […] Read this article

Coronavirus Relief Act Designates Billions For Aviation
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) Act, which was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on […] Read this article

Piper To Manufacture Medical Face Shields
Piper Aircraft announced on Thursday that it will begin making protective gear to support the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital […] Read this article

Jet Blast Overturns Hangar
A hangar was destroyed and light aircraft were damaged at San Luis Obispo by the jet blast from an American […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, March 27, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about the FAA's rejection of the Collings Foundation's request to carry passengers, AOPA urging pilot privilege extensions during the coronavirus outbreak, airspace designations when ATC goes down, and the effects of COVID-19 on GA flying. Read this article