Volume 28, Number 30a, July 19, 2021
AOPA Says FAA Prosecuting 'Volunteer' CFIs On Special Aircraft
AOPA is warning flight instructors they can’t provide instruction for free in limited, experimental and primary category aircraft without risking sanctions from the FAA. AOPA says the agency has gone after CFIs who have given instruction as volunteers, citing regs[…]   Read this article
I Could Teach My Dog To Fly
Waiting for the clouds to part a couple of weeks ago at the drop zone, I was trying to explain how flight instructors teach student pilots to land. I may be a little rogue on this, but I don’t think[…]   Read this article
CubCrafters NXCub: World's Best Flying Ugly Airplane
Five years ago, CubCrafters introduced the most sophisticated taildragger ever, the XCub. Now they’ve followed it up with a nosewheel version of the airplane called the NXCub and although AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli is a tailwheel kinda guy, in this detailed[…] Read this article

FAA Grounds Operator Of Ditched 737-200
Reuters is reporting the FAA has grounded Rhoades Aviation, whose Boeing 737-200 ditched off Honolulu July 2, and has also revealed that action against the operator has been in the works since last fall. The company, which operated the 737[…] Read this article

Pratt & Whitney Canada Developing Hybrid Electric Power
Pratt & Whitney Canada will partner with De Havilland Canada to develop a hybrid-electric propulsion system for regional airliners. The government of Canada has invested about $130 million USD in the project, which will involve De Havilland modifying a legacy[…] Read this article

Misplaced Pin Leads To 787 Gear Mishap
British investigators say mechanics put a locking pin in the wrong hole and that allowed a British Airways Boeing 787 to drop on its nose on the ramp at Heathrow Airport last month. A crew member was slightly injured and[…] Read this article

Balloon Pilot Falls To Death, Passengers Fly On
One of hot air ballooning’s most respected pilots died in a bizarre incident that also sent three of his passengers on a free flight over rural Vermont and into New Hampshire. Brian Boland, 72, took off from Silver Maple Lodge[…] Read this article

NASA Switches Hubble To Backup Hardware
NASA announced that it successfully switched the Hubble Space Telescope over to backup hardware on Friday, starting the process of bringing the telescope back online after a payload computer failure last month. The issue, which resulted in the suspension of[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 16, 2021
Open Your Hangar-Mind On Windlass Days Hangar doors; I’ve known quite a few in my lifetime. Some I’ve liked but most I don’t. This time around I thought I’d found the perfect hangar: solid concrete floors, tight walls to keep[…] Read this article