Video of the Week: "Caspian Sea Monster" — Russia's Ekranoplan in Action

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This week, we turn our attention away from the usual timely and immediately relevant videos found around the 'net and instead cast our eyes back to the 1960s and '70s. Last week, AVweb reader Noah Forden sent us a link to a page about the "Caspian Sea Monster," a Russian Ekranoplan (a sort of hoverplane or jet-boat or well, you figure out what to call it) that will captivate you if you've never seen it before. On that page, we found this clip of the Ekranoplan in action.

(The voice-over is in Russian, but the Ekranoplan speaks fluent "amazing" for those who don't know the language.)

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(For a capsule history of the Ekranoplan, be sure to check out original YouTube poster ragemanchoo's description.)