'Beyond This Historic Brown Gate' — Slick Hutto's AirVenture 2010 Video Montage

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We introduced you to 19-year-old James Wesley Perkins, who's gone by the nickname Slick since he can remember, just after the 2009 AirVenture Oshkosh via a video he put together of all the stuff we didn't get to see, or saw out of the corners of our eyes as we rushed from one assignment to another. Another AirVenture has come and gone and the routine was pretty much the same for AVweb staffers. Thankfully Slick had his video camera and talented eye at the show and recently posted his assembly of the highlights of AirVenture 2010. The young future naval aviator has also had a few highlights of his own in the past year.

With last year's video we discovered Slick is already a carded aerobatic performer and had just received a full ride ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M, where he's taking aerospace engineering. He recently had his "summer cruise" as part of ROTC. "During cruise I flew a T-34C through some aerobatics! It was a blast! The rest of the summer has been taken up with flying both the Pitts and Clipper, Oshkosh (of course), and trips to see family," he said. "I've been working on my new Raven Wings for the Pitts, and hope to have those done in a year or so. This way I can really up my game at IAC competitions!"

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