Video: In-Cockpit Video of Old Rhinebeck Mishap

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There's been nothing written (that we can find, anyway) about an accident involving the New Standard biplane used for giving rides at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, but this video, posted on YouTube about 10 days ago, tells quite a tale. According to the reader who sent us the YouTube link, the accident reportedly happened July 26 and, from the video, appears to be an off-runway excursion into a nasty ravine filled with big rocks.

As might be expected, the off-roading takes a toll on the wood and fabric but doesn't seem to have banged up the pilot and his passengers, one of whom kept the camera rolling through the whole accident and aftermath. There is no NTSB report on the mishap, and FAA incident reports are only available for the last 10 business days. The museum's web site says only that biplane rides are suspended until Labor Day weekend, but it's not clear whether the crash airplane will be fixed or a replacement found for rides.

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