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Volume 30, Number 27e, July 7, 2023
WAI Names Interim CEO
The Women in Aviation International (WAI) Board of Directors has appointed Stephanie Kenyon as interim CEO for the organization. Kenyon succeeds former CEO Allison McKay, who took over from WAI founder Peggy Chabrian in 2020. Plans to establish WAI’s next[…]   Read this article
Archer Hosts AAM Interagency Working Group
Urban air mobility (UAM) startup Archer Aviation has hosted a delegation from the Federal Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Interagency Working Group at its flight test facility. The group included more than 70 people representing agencies and departments such as the[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'Headset hunting?
Normalizing Deviance
Humans are really good at rationalizing. We do it all the time, every time when we cut corners, break rules or ignore evidence in pursuit of a successful outcome. We continue because it often has no consequences. The thing about[…] Read this article

Airbus Opens New Technology Development Center
Airbus announced on Tuesday that it has officially opened its new Wing Technology Development Centre (WTDC). According to the company, work at the facility will focus on building and testing demonstrators to support the development of wings for next-generation aircraft.[…] Read this article

Alsim 'Oshkosh 2023
First Citation Longitude Registered In Mexico Delivered
Textron Aviation announced on Thursday that it has delivered the first Cessna Citation Longitude business jet to be registered in Mexico. The aircraft went to an undisclosed customer who plans to use it for business travel in North America. The[…] Read this article

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