Volume 26, Number 28b
July 17, 2019
FAA Clarifies ADS-B Preflights: GA Is Exempt
The FAA will issue a Notam on Thursday that will essentially exempt general aviation aircraft operators from an ADS-B preflight […]   Read this article
CBS Live Streams Apollo 11
In commemoration of what many have called man’s greatest adventure, CBS news is live streaming its original coverage of the […]   Read this article
Phillip Sheppard: The Launch
Music has never been married to machinery more majestically than in Phillip Sheppard’s The Launch. The composition was written for […]   Read this article
Best of the Web: How Apollo Made It Home To Earth
Getting to the Moon was one thing, but NASA designers had to design a way to safely brake a capsule […] Read this article

CubCrafters Debuts More Powerful XCub
CubCrafters has launched, perhaps literally, a new firewall-forward package for its XCub with 215 HP and a new three-blade composite […] Read this article

Dynon Expands Approved Model List
Dynon Avionics has gained approval to install the SkyView HDX EFIS in nearly 600 aircraft types (PDF). The systems are […] Read this article

Return To Hondo
We visited Hondo, Texas, to have a look at the new Colt LSA. But 20 years ago, the Air Force was trying to bury one its mistakes there. Read this article

Ryanair Retreats On Growth Due To MAX Grounding
Budget airline Ryanair is cutting its growth expectations for next year by half on the news that the 737 MAX […] Read this article

Museum Displaying “Miracle On The Hudson” Airbus Closes
The Carolinas Aviation Museum, home to the salvaged USAir Flight 1549 Airbus A320 that landed in the Hudson River, closed […] Read this article

Galileo Satnav System Down
Europe’s equivalent to our Global Positioning System, Galileo, has been inoperable since late last week. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) said that […] Read this article

Paul’s House
In January 2017, Jim Irwin, president of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, purchased the Paul Poberezny estate in Oshkosh with the […] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication,Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports listed […] Read this article

Best Of The Web: How A Radial Engine Goes Together
Ever wonder how a radial engine goes together, especially how those seven or nine connecting rods all merge at the crankshaft? Grab some coffee and sit through this master class video by Dan Cabral and you'll find out. Carbral is a product design engineer and used Keyshot to render this animation and After Effects to assemble the video. The engine is a Rotec R-2800. See more at www.dancabraldesign.com. Read this article

Garmin Updates G5 And G3X Touch
Garmin has added features to the G5 and G3X Touch EFISs ahead of next week’s Oshkosh. New configurations of the […] Read this article