Volume 28, Number 45b, November 3, 2021
NTSB Public Meeting Cites Maintenance Error In Fatal Saab 2000 Accident
According to an announcement at a public meeting on Nov. 2, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has determined that “incorrectly wired anti-skid sensors” compromised the braking system of a PenAir Saab SA-2000, and was a significant factor in the[…]   Read this article
New Medical Requirements Proposed For Commercial Balloon Pilots
The FAA has proposed a new rule that would require commercial hot air balloon pilots to hold second-class medical certificates when operating for hire. As the regulations stand, balloon pilots are exempt from the medical requirement under 14 CFR 61.3(c)(2)(vi).[…]   Read this article
FAA's Military Airport Program Adds Three New Participating GA Fields
Since 1990, the FAA Military Airport Program (MAP) has provided $754 million in federal funds through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to help support some 35 current or former military air bases in either joint-use military/civilian or full-civilian operations. As[…] Read this article

MAHEPA Flies Hybrid-Electric Panthera
Pipistrel has announced that a hybrid-electric version of its four-seat Panthera has completed the first phase of its flight test campaign as part of Europe’s Modular Approach to Hybrid Electric Propulsion Architecture (MAHEPA) project. According to MAHEPA, the focus of[…] Read this article

Louisiana-Based Company To Market EMS Kits for Bell 505s
Bell Textron has announced an agreement under which engineering firm Arrow Aviation will market Helifab’s Emergency Medical Kits for the Bell 505 light single. Arrow simultaneously announced it signed a purchase agreement for its fourth Bell 505. In collocated facilities[…] Read this article

Recovery Operation Of TransAir Flight 810 Raises Wreckage And Cargo
The National Transportation Board (NTSB) announced on Tuesday (Nov. 2) that an insurance-funded recovery operation has successfully retrieved both flight recorders, all major components of the first-generation Boeing 737-200 freighter operated as TransAir Flight 810 and its cargo. The NTSB[…] Read this article

Accident Probe: Pitch Trim Runaway
After the primary flight controls—elevator, rudder and ailerons on conventional airplanes—the most frequently used secondary control is pitch trim. That’s because a typical flight in any airplane involves a range of speeds, and pitch trim is used to minimize control[…] Read this article

Short Final: Expedite
About 25 years ago, I was working ‘ramp’ for a local airshow. Three Warbirds called the Tower upon their arrival. Number one was P-47 followed by Corsair and lastly a P-40. The P-47 was cleared to land and numbers two[…] Read this article