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Volume 29, Number 27a, July 4, 2022
Travel Woes Not As Bad As Feared Despite Traffic Uptick
Airline performance so far on the long weekend appears to be a little better than feared but still not up to pre-pandemic standards. According to a New York Times report, about 1,400 flights had been canceled and 14,000 delayed by[…]   Read this article
Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Good? Yes
Is it better to be lucky than good? False choice. Cover the board and aim for both lucky and good, although this philosophical mobius strip leads to the inevitable conclusion that skill has a lot to do with making luck.[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Surviving A Rotor Wash Crash
On Jan.3, 2022, a Cessna 120 flown by a 1000-hour pilot and CFI encountered rotor wash from a Huey helicopter that passed just in front of it. The aircraft rolled uncontrollably at under 100 feet and crashed nose first. Improbably,[…] Read this article

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Driver Killed In Shockwave Jet Truck Explosion
At least one person was killed when one of the most popular airshow attractions on the circuit, Shockwave, an old semitractor unit propelled by jet engines, crashed during an act at the Field of Flight airshow in Battle Creek Michigan[…] Read this article

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EASA Publishes Rules For Air Taxi Ops
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced on Thursday that it has published proposed rules for air taxi operation in cities. Calling it “the first comprehensive proposal for such regulations to be issued world-wide,” the agency says the proposed[…] Read this article

Emirates A380 Completes Flight With Hole In Wing Root Fairing
An Emirates A380 landed safely in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday after apparently making some or even most of the 13-hour flight from Dubai with a big ragged hole in its wing root fairing. There are various scenarios being described in[…] Read this article

United Pilots Reconsider Deal After American's Get Better Offer
United Airlines pilots may be heading back to the bargaining table after their counterparts at American may have been offered a better deal. Last week, United and the Air Line Pilots Association made a lot of noise about the 14.5[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 1, 2022
Best Of The Web: The Death Of An Airplane You can tie down an airplane as securely as you want, but Ma Nature has ways of defeating your best efforts. One day a long time ago a local Super Cub,[…] Read this article