Volume 28, Number 39c, September 24, 2021
West Point 182 Busts United Nations TFR
A Cessna 182 operated by U.S. Military Academy West Point violated a TFR associated with a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday. According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the aircraft[…]   Read this article
Piper Launches Pipeline Program For Maintenance Professionals
Piper Aircraft is partnering with aircraft maintenance training school International AeroTech Academy on a joint program designed to establish an airframe and powerplant mechanic pipeline for Piper’s manufacturing facility in Vero Beach, Florida. The program will allow students to interview[…]   Read this article
Unruly Passenger Rate Drops
The number of incidents involving unruly passengers on commercial flights has dropped significantly since launch of the FAA’s “zero tolerance” campaign, according to data released by the agency on Thursday. The FAA adopted the approach earlier this year in response[…] Read this article

FAA Report Suggests Recent Drug Use In Balloon Pilot Toxicology Tests
According to an FAA toxicology report, Nicholas Meleski, the commercial pilot in the June 26 hot air balloon crash that killed all five on board in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had THC (marijuana) and cocaine in his blood and urine samples.[…] Read this article

Managing Fatigue
Circadian rhythm is the daily alteration in a person’s behavior and physiology controlled by an internal biological clock in the brain. Body temperature, melatonin levels, cognitive performance, alertness levels, and sleep patterns are all subject to our circadian rhythm. A[…] Read this article

Airbus Begins Assembly Of New Wing Prototype
Airbus has announced that its “Wing of Tomorrow” research and technology program has begun assembly of the first of three full-size wing prototypes. Along with testing the latest composite materials and new aerodynamics and wing architecture technologies, Airbus says the[…] Read this article

Growth Forecast For European Commercial Aviation Fleet
European carriers will need approximately 8,705 new airplanes through 2040, according to Boeing’s recently released 2021 Commercial Market Outlook (CMO). The CMO also forecast that Europe’s commercial aviation industry will require more than 405,000 new pilots, technicians and cabin crew[…] Read this article