2012 Cessna T182T N93517 ...

2012 Cessna T182T Air, SVT, TAWS-B, TAS, ADS-B Out, G1000, GFC700, WAASN93517 Ser#T18209066Additional Equipment:Air-ConditioningSynthetic Vision Techn...

Volume 30, Number 11a, March 13, 2023
Alleged Knowledge Test Issues Prompt Flight Training Protest
Flight training organizations along with EAA and AOPA are urging the FAA to take a hard look at the availability and effectiveness of aviation knowledge tests. In 2018, the agency awarded an exclusive contract to PSI to administer the gamut[…]   Read this article
Phil's Terrible, Horrible, Really No Good Week
If you’re running low on outrage and haven’t enjoyed any angertainment say, since about two hours ago, click on this link. It’s an excruciating seven minutes of FAA admin nominee Phil Washington being grilled by the Senate Commerce Committee as[…]   Read this article
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Sun 'n Fun: Big Grounds Changes
Sun ‘n Fun 2023 gets underway in a couple of weeks and organizers have made major changes to the fly-in experience. In this video, Sun ‘n Fun’s Gene Conrad explains that the show has shuffled some things around, including new[…] Read this article

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Air Force One Keeps Iconic Look
The new aircraft that will serve as Air Force One won’t be finished for another four to five years but they’re already on their second paint scheme. During his term, former President Donald Trump ordered the livery of the updated[…] Read this article

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Aviation Safety 'The active pilot's guide'
Biden Budget Proposes $1.3 Billion Increase For FAA
President Joe Biden’s budget proposal contains a $1.3 billion increase for the FAA to $16.5 billion that is aimed to fund hiring more controllers and includes $500 million “to safely accommodate the growth in traditional commercial aviation traffic alongside new[…] Read this article

GA Awards Winners Announced
The General Aviation Awards (GAA) has announced its honorees for 2023: Bob Raskey, CFI of the Year; Bill Ross, Aviation Technician of the Year; and Dennis Miller, FAA Safety Team of the Year. “These important, historic awards highlight the critical[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, March 10, 2023
New Study Looks At Why Pilots Withhold Health Information I’ve been a physician for 36 years, a pilot 25 years, and an AME 22 years so I have something to bring to the conversation. I took the survey and I[…] Read this article