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Volume 30, Number 28c, July 12, 2023
NASA Unveils X-59 Supersonic Test Ship At Skunk Works Flight Test Facility
NASA has announced its X-59 supersonic research aircraft has emerged from its construction facility and now sits on the flightline at Lockheed-Martin’s “Skunk Works” in Palmdale, California. The transition occurred in late June, leading up to ongoing ground tests to[…]   Read this article
Study Indicates Even 'Mildly' Depressed Pilots May Be Compromised
The good news is, according to a study conducted by medical publisher Cureus, 88 percent of airline pilots tested (voluntarily) demonstrated “minimal” symptoms of clinical depression—the lowest category in the protocol. Further, none of the pilots recorded scores that put[…]   Read this article
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Nevada Flight School Is First In The State To Join SkillBridge Program
Las Vegas, Nevada-based All In Aviation has announced it is the first independent flight school in the state to participate in the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) SkillBridge Program. The initiative provides “opportunities for local transitioning service members to join the[…] Read this article

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FAA Designates $92 Million For Sustainability Projects At Airports
The FAA announced today (July 11) it has earmarked a relatively modest $92 million to make airports across the country “more sustainable.” Of that amount, $243,000 will go to Prescott Regional Airport in Arizona “to develop a plan to safely[…] Read this article

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MRO Insider Network Reaches Milestone, Surpassing 700 Service Providers
Founded in 2016, business aviation maintenance-provider consortium MRO Insider announced today (July 11) it has achieved a milestone with 746 service providers signed on to its platform. MRO Insider President Andy Nixon said, “We are so excited to push through[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Mistaken Identity
I fly a rather obscure aircraft for the Coast Guard: the HC-144, a twin turboprop about the size of a Dash 8. With the Coast Guard call-sign it is also often assumed we are a helicopter, resulting in the following[…] Read this article