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Volume 29, Number 31a, August 1, 2022
Copilot Exits Aircraft Before Emergency Landing
Authorities in North Carolina are trying to figure out how and why the copilot of a CA 212 twin ended up falling into the backyard of a home in a suburb of Raleigh just before the pilot made an emergency[…]   Read this article
AirVenture 2022 In One Word: Happy
By happenstance, I ended up looking at a lot of simulator technology at AirVenture this year, ranging from full-cockpit reproductions like Alsim’s ALSR20 to mobile apps such as Infinite Flight. The progression of flight sims since I started flight training[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots'
RAF Pilot Invents Technology Enabling Paraplegics To Fly Helicopters
Stewart McQuillan is a former Royal Air Force Tornado pilot who suffered a triple spinal injury in a takeoff accident. It left him wheelchair-bound, but he regained his pilot license through the Douglas Bader Foundation. Bader lost both legs in[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced Approach
AirVenture 2022: Dealing With Supply Chain Issues
As expected, the choked supply chain meant fewer new product announcements at the big show at Oshkosh, and unanimously, showgoers reported challenges sourcing products and vendors said there were serious issues getting components to build them. In this video, Aviation[…] Read this article

Airfleet Capital 'Aircraft Financing
Aviation Safety 'The active pilot's guide'
Boeing Cleared To Deliver 787s
ABC News is reporting the FAA has approved Boeing’s plan to validate fixes on Boeing 787s so they can resume deliveries of the aircraft. The company hasn’t been able to ship out any of the planes since 2020 because of[…] Read this article

Ejection Seat Issue Grounds F-35s
The U.S. military grounded all its F-35s on Friday to speed up the inspection of ejection seats for faulty explosive cartridges. The Israeli air force has also stopped flying the fifth-generation fighter. The Air Force, Navy and Marines have a[…] Read this article

Infinite Flight's Fun Mobile Simulator at AirVenture
High-def graphics engines have made flight simulators ever more realistic and capable. Infinite Flight has applied this to mobile platforms like the iPhone and iPad. In this product minute, Infinite Flight’s Laura Laban explains how the app works. The free[…] Read this article