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Volume 29, Number 16d, April 21, 2022
FAA Revokes Certificate Of YouTuber Who Crashed Plane
The FAA has pulled the certificate of a California pilot and ex-Olympian who it says intentionally abandoned a vintage Taylorcraft and shot video of it crashing as he parachuted to the ground. Trevor Jacob has been told to surrender his[…]   Read this article
Planes Or Trains? For City Trips, Rails Make More Sense
If you want to put your airplane/avionics/service/gizmo or gadget on the map, sooner or later you’ll have to show it at AirVenture. So this year, Oshkosh will get an eVTOL terminal as a demonstration project and, presumably, eventual working infrastructure.[…]   Read this article
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Why This Landing Went Bad Part Deux
St. Barts Airport—actually Gustaf III—on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy is notorious for having a hill off the approach end of its 2100-foot runway. It’s a challenge to land there and not everyone gets away unscathed. In this AVweb[…] Read this article

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Textron Completes $235 Million Purchase Of Pipistrel
Textron is paying $235 million for Slovenian electric aircraft innovator Pipistrel. The company announced the closure of the deal on Wednesday and said the acquisition will expedite the mainstream incorporation of electric aircraft. “Pipistrel has already achieved what many other[…] Read this article

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MAX 10 Held Up Over Crew Alerting System
The Seattle Times is reporting a prominent lawmaker wants the certification of the latest models of the Boeing 737 MAX delayed until Boeing can bring the crew alerting system up to current standards. The 737 is the only Boeing product[…] Read this article

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Medical Application Tracker Now Online
Finding out the status of a flight medical is a click away under a new online feature announced by the FAA on Wednesday. The agency says pilots can now follow the progress of their medical through the system on the[…] Read this article