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First Man: Neil Armstrong As He (Partly) Was »

The problem in telling Neil Armstrong's story on the big screen is that a half century after Apollo 11, we still can't quite accept the man as he really was. More

Yes, Dorothy, I've Had a Heart Attack »

Despite a lifetime of healthy living and exercise, I'm now sporting two custom-fitted stents. While I consider taking up smoking, pass the pork rinds, willya? More

LSA Weight Increase: Pop The Champagne Cork? »

The FAA confirms it will announce a proposal to raise the light sport aircraft weight to 3600 pounds. I just hope this isn't the regulatory equivalent of Lucy moving the ball. More

Bad Decisions? What Would You Have Done? »

What's more dangerous than one pilot making bad decisions? How about two pilots? After the fact, if both parties survive, it's sometime hard to figure out who did or thought what. More

I Flew The Cornfield Bomber »

Following up our video on this storied F-106, it turns out that even after its cornfield slide, the airplane was a joy to fly. As the author says, it became somewhat of a celebrity and remains so yet today. More

Who Needs A Certificate Anyway? »

Isn't the entire pilot licensing concept just one big government boondoggle? Why shouldn't you be allowed to just buy the airplane you want and go fly it around? Where's the proof that having a certificate makes you safer? More

How Not to Botch The FAA Medical »

The medical form has a box asking about hospital admission. To keep yourself out of the psych ward, go ahead and just check it and let the FAA figure out what it means. More

Space Race: Virgin vs. Blue Origin »

Both companies are rushing to be the first to loft space tourists into the inky blackness above the Karman line. They'll need to be mindful of competition getting ahead of risk assessment. More