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Sleep Is Underrated »

The drone of engines and the soft white noise of a radar room are soporifics more powerful than high school English class. It's not so bad falling asleep, but how you handle waking up. More

Fuel Strainer Lottery »

Every time you drain the tanks and don't get what you're looking for, you're a winner. Skip this step at your own risk. More

Instructor Gets A YouTube Code Red »

Make a minor mistake and it'll make YouTube for sure. Commit a major blunder and you're headed for viral legend. More

Who's Afraid Of A Dead ASI? »

Evidently, some people are. If your instructor didn't cover ASI-less flying in primary training, you've led a sheltered life. More

Remembering ATC's Secret Weapon »

You may think ATC runs on sophisticated radar and powerful computers that track every gnat in the sky. But it's the people who make it work. More

Runaway Terror »

The Lion Air accident unleashes the dark demons of autopilots run amok. But for light airplanes, the imagining is worse than the reality. More

Lion Air: A Media Muddle »

For the working press, reporting on air crashes is a technical challenge. The recent Lion Air accident in Indonesia ramped up the challenge even more. More

Seller Beware »

Airplane sales are famously loosey-goosey. As a result, they are depressingly susceptible to fraud. Read this tale and maybe you'll avoid that. More