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Meigs Is Coming Back! »

Oh, yeah, sure, you bet it is. Try to imagine a 4000-foot strip of FAA-approved pavement a dwarf's toss from Lakeshore Drive. That's about as close to reality as it's likely to get. More

We're Way Better Than We Used To Be »

Accident wise, GA pilots are doing better than ever. And if you think not, take this little tour through the carnage of the past. More

Road Landings: Bring Beer »

Things change. Drinking and flying used to be a thing. Now it isn't, but running out of gas is the same as it ever was. More

Drone Hysteria V2.0 »

Now were shutting down airports because of drone sightings? Its time to get a grip, people. More

A Sad Year For Airshows »

For those of us who watch airshows, we don't often think of how risky it is to fly and practice for them. The year just past proved especially lethal. More

The ATC Crisis That Wasn’t »

Controllers are legally prohibited from striking. Thanks to a last minute stroke of sanity, the public wasn't exposed to how little that really means. More

Brexit For Aviation: Massive Uncertainty »

As the U.K. Parliament stumbles through some kind of divorce with Europe, aviation interests are sure to be impacted. But no one has a clue how. More

Should We Tip Flight Attendants? »

Frontier Airlines encourages passengers to tip flight attendants but that's just a bad idea for a lot of reasons. More