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A Big Show Or A Busy Show? »

A big show would have a lot of new stuff to satisfy our eternal hope for salvation. Sorry, not this year. More

Wonder In Boeing Square »

By Monday's opening day at AirVenture, the show had already outdone itself. More

Autopilots Amok »

A year ago, you couldn't find an autopilot system for under 20 grand. Now you can hardly open a car door without bumping into three or four. More

Disaster Averted! Or Not? »

When an A320 at SFO executes a go-around, isn't that just business as usual? Maybe, but maybe not. More

My Gear-up Landing »

There are those who haven't, and those who never will. They're probably the same people. More

A Student Lost In The Wild »

The takeaway is not so much avoiding navigation errors as it is to be prepared when you make one. More