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What's A Fair Ramp Fee? »

That's at the heart of AOPA's complaint to the FAA about three Signature FBOs. But it's the security and infrastructure fees that need attention. More

The Dark Side Of BasicMed »

Hint: It doesn't have anything to do with a checkmark appearing next to the word "anus." More

ATC Privatization: Point/Counterpoint »

AOPA opposes privatization but its counterpart in Canada says the switch has worked there. Today's blog explores both views. More

Cirrus Nails The Jet »

The SF50 Vision Jet does just what Cirrus says it would. Buyers, I'm sure, will swoon. But what's next? More

Uber At OSH »

Uber was making the rounds at AirVenture last month. To call their plans for on-demand air taxi ambitious would be criminal understatement. More