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How Not to Botch The FAA Medical »

The medical form has a box asking about hospital admission. To keep yourself out of the psych ward, go ahead and just check it and let the FAA figure out what it means. More

Space Race: Virgin vs. Blue Origin »

Both companies are rushing to be the first to loft space tourists into the inky blackness above the Karman line. They'll need to be mindful of competition getting ahead of risk assessment. More

Aireon Casts A Net »

With tracking satellites in place, no place on Earth remains unknown. While that may make a truly lost aircraft a thing of the past, it also diminishes the mystery of exploration. More

Can Dynon's Installation Policy Really Work? »

Until now, you went to an established avionics shop for a major avionics retrofit. But Dynon is changing that paradigm and opening up the installation of its Certified SkyView suite to A&P mechanics. Is this really a wise idea? More

They Call The Wind Betty »

The wind is never tricky, malicious, diabolical or even remorseless. It's just wind and you're stuck with dealing with it. In today's blog, let's examine some of the way you might, nevertheless, blame it fot everything from your bad landings to lumbago. More

What If They Had A PAFI And No One Came? »

With Swift's announcement this week that it's giving up on the FAA's PAFI program, Shell remains the only contender for an unleaded replacement. But will they redo their formula and try again or just give it a pass? More

When There's No Need For Speed »

Writing about landings gone bad is a perennial favorite of aviation columnists. And guess what? There's an unending supply of raw material. In today's blog, we offer this bit of advice: No one can help you with your crappy landings. Figure it out for yourself. More

Chagrin And Bear It »

Even if no one died, mistakes of the past cling to the consciousness like a bad odor. At least writing a blog about it helps. More

The Limits Of Reality »

Military services are using VR tech to help train pilots and techs more effectively. How far this will go is anyone's guess, but one thing is certain: If human pilots haven't been replaced by machines a decade or two from now, machines will be doing the teaching. More

Unleaded Avgas: All On The Same Page (Not) »

If you were thinking the torturous road to unleaded avgas was about to straighten and reveal the path to enlightenment, this year's much-anticipated fuel briefings at AirVenture would have been a shocking disappointment. In today's AVweb blog, avgas expert Paul Millner explains why the FAA's PAFI process doesn't exactly inspire confidence. More