Snow Day Cyber-Hangar-Flying Options

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With one-third of the U.S. population shoveling snow this week -- at least, that's what the network anchors have been saying -- it's lucky that pilots in 2010 have a multitude of ways to pass their hangar-flying time, beyond actually hanging out in a hangar. Not only do we have books and DVDs, we have the Internet, which leads to blogs, YouTube, Hulu, and a zillion other places around the world.

For starters, your virtual hangar-flying-trek might lead you right here to AVweb. Our site has zillions of features that you likely have never explored, if you're in the habit of just clicking through to your favorite items. Not only do we have tons of news and blogs, we have tons of podcasts and videos. You can explore all our features via the dropdown menus and hot buttons on the home page.

A snow day is a great day for window shopping for your next airplane or gear upgrade. Or to explore a whole new kind of flying -- hang gliding, or trike flying, or even learning how to handle a Zeppelin. Google can send you exploring any of those options. Here's one of my favorite dream aircraft -- the individual airship, propelled by your own wings. Or paragliding with hawks, in Nepal.

The National Air and Space Museum also offers hours of online exploration to relieve cabin fever. Here's a great place to start -- the virtual-reality gallery, with 360-degree views of the cockpits of 10 historic aircraft, including a Spad XV1, SR-71 Blackbird, and the Concorde.

Any other suggestions?

Comments (2)

While Washington DC is buried in snow, hundreds of miles to the north here in Ottawa, Ontario, we have virtually no snow on the ground, not enough to even ski on. given a genuine snow day I personally would be out XC skiing.

Posted by: Adam Hunt | February 11, 2010 10:07 AM    Report this comment

When weathered down, it's MS flight sim 4 me! ;)

Posted by: Randy Banta | February 13, 2010 11:04 AM    Report this comment

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