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ADS-B Apocalypse »

We're not quite there yet, but you can see if from here. Avionics shops are scheduling out two or three months for installation and that delay may soon grow. More

The Trouble With Trainers »

Killer app and flight trainer don't go together in the same sentence for a reason. Trainers have a limited market, low margins and they're hard to sell. Yet no type of aircraft is more important to aviation's future. More

ATC Wasn’t All Fun, Just Mostly »

Working as a controller used to be more fun than it is now. And best part of working the tower cab is you got to see your mistakes in real time. More

The Future Starts Today »

Those of us who have been around aviation for a while have seen plenty of change—and those starting out in the industry today should expect even more. More

Why You Should Never Fly Into Oshkosh »

Flying into Oshkosh during AirVenture can be fun or an ordeal. Or something in between. But whoever ventures into the fray should understand ATC can do only so much to sort out the chaos. More