747-Inspired House Irks FAA


Francie Rehwald’s new Malibu digs may be the only house in the neighborhood that comes with a disclaimer that can be read from a passing plane. The Mercedes-Benz dealership heiress is having her $2 million spread built from parts of a scrapped Boeing 747-200. The FAA says the “strewn” design chosen by architect David Hertz will look like a plane crash from overhead and it doesn’t want pilots (or passengers) of aircraft headed to LAX to be alarmed. The FAA has asked that “special numbers” be painted on the wings to assure pilots that it’s not a crash site (no, we don’t know what they’re talking about, either). The wings will form the roof of the house and ailerons will control shade on the deck. Other parts, including the meditation temple made from the nose, will be scattered around the property, hence the crash site concerns. The design sprung from Rehwald’s direction to Hertz that the house be built entirely of industrial waste in an environmentally friendly manner. “We are trying to use every piece of this aircraft, much like an Indian would use a buffalo,” Hertz told Real Estate Journal. Rehwald had other stipulations. She wanted the house to be “feminine” and have curves.