A Full Spectrum Of GPS’s — In Color


Garmin’s 396 offers an uber-impressive handheld color moving-map gps in a unit that is terrain-aware, capable of imitating a full panel of flight instruments, and brimming with more features than most average pilots might safely use while attempting to concurrently control an aircraft. An offering for those who tend to shop in another price point entirely (under $500) Lowrance’s Airmap 600c brings color and terrain awareness to the less indulgent masses. Shown off at their booth at Sun ‘n Fun, the brightly colorful screens of Lowrances latest offerings drew crowds in the middle of the afternoon, on a Tuesday. For those who believe the best isn’t always the most capable, but simply what’s best for your needs the range of handheld gps offerings is growing fast. Not good enough? How about synthetic vision for your pda?