A Midair’s Consequences In Texas


The city of Georgetown, Texas, is having a fresh look at building a control tower at its airport after a midair collision injured two pilots and wrecked their planes last Sunday. “I think they need a tower out here,” pilot John Middleton told KXAN News. Middleton said he was just setting up for touchdown on Sunday when the collision occurred. Bot he and the pilot of the other aircraft, Andrew Wright, were taken to the hospital, where Wright remained for at least overnight. It was the fourth serious incident at the airport in two years. The Georgetown city council has turned down earlier proposals to split the cost of a tower 50-50 with the FAA, but that split has since changed. The FAA has sweetened the pot, and is now offering to pay 90 percent of the construction cost — and that has the wheels turning at city hall. “I think right now there’s more interest,” said city manager Tom Yantis. Meanwhile, the FAA is investigating the cause of the crash.