A New Niche For LSAs? Airborne Predator Control


Ranchers in the American West have been saying for years that when it comes to shooting coyotes that threaten their livestock, powered parachutes are the way to go. But the FAA disagreed, saying ultralight aircraft are for sport and recreation only. Now with the advent of the Light Sport Aircraft rules, that obstacle is gone. “Ranchers can take eight hours of instruction, pay a small certification fee and then just take a felt pen to write your ‘N’ number on the side of your craft and bingo, you’re legal,” ranch lobbyist Stanley Boyd told The Associated Press. According to the AP, the FAA has OK’d the use of LSAs for aerial hunting. The FAA is now allowing the state of Idaho to issue permits to ranchers for aerial shooting of predators to protect livestock if their vehicle qualifies as an LSA, the AP said.