Above And Beyond: Women In Aviation History


This year’s Centennial of Flight collided with Women’s History Month, and one result is a 29-minute film from ArtReach-International called “Above and Beyond: 100 Years of Women in Aviation.” The film debuted this week at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, near Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, and will be shown there twice daily through March, and also at the Women in Aviation International (WAI) conference in Cincinnati, later this month. WAI will salute 100 influential women from the first 100 years of aviation. Honorees, past and current, include: Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins and Martha King, co-owner of King Schools. Jeanna Yeager, pilot on the Voyager around-the-world record-breaking flight, and the WASPs are also on the list. The film “Above and Beyond” profiles about a dozen female aviators, from Katharine Wright, sister of the Wright brothers, to Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman, to Collins, the first female Space Shuttle commander.

NOTE: For more information about seeing “Above and Beyond” in Arlington, call (703) 533-1155.