Adam Aircraft Goes Radio-Silent?


The silence from Adam Aircraft is deafening. Last October the company predicted the first customer delivery of an A500 before the end of December. AVweb has contacted Adam officials at least five times in the past three weeks for a routine follow-up on progress for the company’s innovative A500 inline piston twin and first-to-fly (to AirVenture Oshkosh) A700 very light twinjet. In every conversation with an Adam official this year, AVweb writers were asked to call back, and did … each time. Now, a published report (which an Adam official also refused to discuss) that certification of its push/pull A500 piston twin is off the rails and that that’s slowing progress on the A700 jet’s development has apparently leaked. On Jan. 21, Aviation International News ran a story concerning the delays. According to the AIN report, the piston plane’s certification has been delayed and, because about 65 percent of the A500’s parts are also used in the jet, that’s pushed the anticipated certification of the jet from this coming December to “early next year.” If you’ve had firsthand experience with Adam Aircraft, AVweb would like to hear from you. Adam has our phone number…