Air Show Crash Injures Four


Four people were injured in the crash of a Ford Tri-Motor replica at an air show in Fullerton, Calif., last Saturday. The Bushmaster 2000, a replica of the famed 1920s airliner, had just lifted off from the Fullerton Municipal Airport when it began an apparently uncontrollable left turn. Published images show it arcing over the crowd before barely missing the ATC tower and crashing onto a street. The pilot, Jay Yoshinaga, 45, of Gardena, Calif., was in fair condition and passenger Anthony Albanese, 46, of Brea, was in critical condition at last report. Reportedly, the plane was being flown on a post-maintenance test flight. Two women in a car hit by the plane suffered only minor injuries. Rebecca Perez, 56, was driving her 32-year-old daughter Valerie Perez to a doctor’s appointment when the plane sideswiped their Hyundai. “There was this real loud bang and air bag going off, crashing noise and … it stopped my car,” Rebecca Perez told the Monterey Herald. The NTSB is investigating.