Alaska Airmen Raffle Off A Scout


For $50, you can take a chance on winning your very own brand-new American Champion Scout, and at the same time support the Alaska Airmen’s Association. The group will sell only 5,500 tickets, so you can calculate the odds you get for your investment. The 180-hp 2005 Scout comes complete with a 70-gallon long-range fuel system, a metal belly, GPS, a cabin heater, deep pile carpet, and even a Velcro map pocket. Not to mention 31-inch tundra tires, for those gravel-bar landings. Tickets went on sale Oct. 1, and will be sold until they run out. The drawing is set for May 15, 2005. Tickets can be ordered online at the Alaska Airmen’s Web site, or call 1-800-464-7030. The Alaska Airmen is a nonprofit group established in 1951, and started the annual aircraft raffles five years ago.