Alien Flight Rule In Effect


The TSA alien flight-training rule is now in full effect but efforts continue in the background to make it “less intrusive,” according to an AOPA spokesman. The organization’s government specialist Andy Cebula said any non-U.S. citizen beginning training for a new rating or certificate must be registered with the TSA and undergo background checks. It’s up to their flight instructors and/or flight schools to determine the citizenship of their students and make sure non-U.S. citizens go through the security mill. Cebula said AOPA tried to get the TSA to back off on the requirements for resident aliens, many of whom have called the U.S. home for decades. “TSA refuses to budge on this issue,” he said. All resident aliens are investigated and fingerprinted by U.S. Immigration but the TSA doesn’t trust the border folks to weed out the potential terrorists. Of course, if history is any indicator …