American Airlines Passengers Trapped On Diverted Plane


American Airlines says it will apologize to 138 passengers who spent nine hours stuck on the ground in Austin and ended up with overflowing toilets, no water to drink and only pretzels to eat. And the ordeal could have lasted even longer if the captain of the crammed MD-80 hadnt defied company orders and taxied to an open gate without permission. “The stewardesses desperately tried to keep the tempers and the temperament of the passengers down, passenger Kati Hanni told NBC News. By the time passengers got off the plane, theyd been on it for 15 hours and they werent at their final destination of Dallas yet. Flight 1348 took off the morning of Dec. 30 from San Francisco packed with holiday travelers. A line of thunderstorms in the Dallas area forced a diversion to Austin. According to the news report, the pilots were told to wait on the ramp for the weather to clear in Dallas. At least 10 other diverted flights came and went but Flight 1348 was told to stay put until the captain finally took matters into his own hands. The airline now admits that something went wrong, but Hanni says the apology is too little, too late.