Anti-Airport Groups Unite In U.K.


British groups representing more than 4 million people joined on Monday to take a stand against airport expansion, the Guardian reported this week. About 20 groups concerned with conservation and heritage, or that target specific airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow, issued a joint statement that said any further airport developments would seriously damage the economy and the environment. The statement opposes any expansion at any of the sites, arguing that the government has failed to make a case that more air service is necessary. If the cost of air tickets wasn’t kept artificially low by government subsidies, growth in air traffic would be contained, they said, according to the Guardian. London’s Luton Airport joined in the debate this week, telling the government that it has excess capacity that is going to waste. The airport filed a brief arguing for “extreme caution in the apparent rush to lay new runways” and proposing “a responsible use of the spare runway capacity that still exists,” Bedford Today reported Tuesday. The anti-airport groups argued that growth would destroy wildlife habitat, increase emissions that cause climate change, and promote noise and traffic.