Aviation Safety Reporting System Turns 30


NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), which is widely used by pilots and other airline employees to identify potential safety hazards, last week marked its 30-year anniversary. Established under a memorandum of understanding between NASA and the FAA, the system collects, analyzes and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports to reduce aviation accidents and improve safety. The confidential reports are also used to identify deficiencies and discrepancies in the National Aviation System that need to be remedied. “Since the implementation of the Aviation Safety Reporting System in 1976, more than 474,000 reports have been submitted by pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, flight attendants and other airline personnel,” said ASRS director Linda Connell. “Many of those reports have had a direct impact on making the nation’s airways safer.” Over the years, ASRS has issued more than 2,500 safety alerts to the commercial and private aviation community.