AVweb’s (2-Part) Friday Podcast: Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn Discusses Delays


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Following up on Eclipse’s pre-Thanksgiving announcement that there are unavoidable delays in the completion and delivery of the EclipseJet, company CEO and President Vern Raburn joins us for a special 2-part podcast.

In Part 1 (7.3MB / 8 mins.), Raburn answers Eclipse critics with an upbeat eye toward the future of the EclipseJet. Go behind the announcement as Raburn explains that this is all part of the process and provides some insight into what’s causing the delays.

In Part 2 (11MB / 12 mins.), Raburn addresses some of the many contributing factors that have caused the delay, including vendor and supplier problems. And if Eclipse jets are going to hit their promised price mark, the company will need to sell an awful lot of them to turn a profit, won’t it?

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