Barnstorming Mission Aims To Attract Youth To Aviation


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University announced on Tuesday it will sponsor a 20-city national tour flown by Jamail Larkins, a 19-year-old ERAU student who is also a spokesman for EAA’s Young Eagles program. Larkins will fly a new Cirrus SR20, and his mission is to get youngsters excited about careers in aviation. Larkins will fly to a different city each week, where he will visit schools, make presentations, and discuss aviation with students. Students will be invited beforehand to write an essay answering the question, “How do you envision the next century of flight?” The winning writer will be given the opportunity to fly with Larkins in the Cirrus. The tour begins Jan. 24 in Lakeland, Fla. Cities on the tour include Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, and more. Larkins, who is from Augusta, Ga., took his first flight at age 12, with the Young Eagles Program. He currently flies a high-performance Christen Eagle II aerobatic aircraft on the air show circuit.