“Bland” Wichita Airport Defended


Love them or hate them, airports usually evoke some kind of visceral reaction, but officials at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport are wondering what to do about a “tourism expert’s” assessment. Alf Nucifora told The Wichita Eagle he thought the airport bland. But, then, maybe the airport is OK and it’s the city that’s bland, because he justified his comments by saying an airport “must reflect the urban vitality of the city. In fact, it reflects nothing.” Just in case it’s really the airport that’s bland, officials leapt to its defense. “I doubt that he knows about the master plan,” said Bailis Bell, director of airports. So what’s in the master plan? Great sculpture, cascading water features, towering architecture? Wichita residents won’t know until it’s finished next year. In the meantime, the practical folks of Wichita have more modest goals for their facility. The bathrooms are about halfway through a facelift, there’s new carpet in the halls (the gates get it next month) and about 850 new chairs have been installed throughout the terminal. “Things are in motion,” said Bell.