Breaking New Ground In The Sky


In a century when women in aviation are still scarce — holding about 6 percent of pilot certificates — and minorities are underrepresented as well, a black woman starting her own aviation company may be a first. Avisys, owned by Tara Wright, a former airline pilot, offers charter flights out of Sacramento, Calif., in a Cessna Grand Caravan. “I don’t view myself as a pioneer, although I know other people do,” Wright told The Sacramento Observer. “Although that isn’t my primary driving force, I’m glad that I’m able to give young people a role model.” Wright hopes to attract customers who commute from Sacramento to Oakland, San Jose or San Francisco. “Aviation can be a viable option right now and you can get out of the hassle factor in dealing with the bigger airports,” Wright told the Observer. The company flew its first charter last month. Wright’s husband, Wayne, works as the company’s director of maintenance.