Chart Mix-Up Affects Busy LAX Airspace


Modifications to the Los Angeles Class B airspace went into effect last week, lowering the base altitudes for several VFR flyways. The new altitudes should have been printed on the back of the new Terminal Area Chart that was published Dec. 22, but due to an internal FAA glitch, the changes weren’t made. “The Class B airspace boundaries on the chart are depicted correctly, it is only the flyway (planning) altitudes on the back side of the chart that [are incorrect],” Eric Secretan, of the National Aeronautical Charting Office, told AVweb. He said the chart is being reprinted and corrected copies should be distributed by the first week of January. Meanwhile, the changes are in effect nonetheless. The corrected chart will be sent to all FAA chart sales agents and anyone that purchased the chart directly from the FAA, Secretan said. Anyone who bought the new chart can return it for a free replacement at their point of purchase, as soon as the new charts are available. Meanwhile, an FAA Special Notice describing the issue has been placed on the FAA/NACO Web site, and sent to all FAA chart sales agents and customers. In addition, a NOTAM has been issued describing the corrections to the fly-way altitudes.