Cincinnati Airport Saved From Meigs’ Fate


For 20 years, civic leaders in Blue Ash, Ohio, have coveted the undeveloped acres that surround Blue Ash Airport, operated by the city of Cincinnati. But did they take bulldozers to the runways in the middle of the night? No, instead they came to a compromise that allows the GA airport to stay open, while handing over some of that green space for the citizens of Blue Ash to enjoy. They’ll get 115 acres of parkland, with gardens, trails and an aviation museum. “Everybody gets something out of this deal,” Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory told the Cincinnati Enquirer. Blue Ash will pay $37.5 million to Cincinnati for the deal, which still needs to be confirmed by both sides. “Mayor Mallory and Blue Ash Mayor Robert Buckman have shown extraordinary foresight and leadership in crafting this solution,” AOPA President Phil Boyer said. Cincinnati will continue to operate Blue Ash Airport. It will improve the runway, reconfigure the taxiway and relocate the hangars and airport businesses.