City Considers Cirrus Air Taxi


If you’ve ever wanted to fly to Glendive, Mont., the city of Bismarck, N.D., might have just the ticket. Bismarck, you see, got a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Transportation three years ago to develop a regional air service plan. The result could be the first next-generation air taxi service designed to relieve pressure on the existing hub system and provide air service to communities (like Glendive) that are off the airlines’ radar. What’s more, according to Bismarck officials, “Point2Point Airways” would make money after a couple of years, something that seems to be a challenge for most airlines. City Administrator Bill Wocken told The Associated Press that the service would run like a regional taxi, with customers picking their destinations and the airline arranging the flights, either in its own fleet of five Cirruses or through existing charter companies. The Bismarck City Commission approved giving the service a trial run by the end of the year. A private company would operate the business but the trial would be partly funded by what remains of the original grant. Point2Point spokesman John Bailey said very light jets currently under development could also be used in the service and one (we don’t know which) is scheduled for a visit to Bismarck on April 26.