Coast To Coast In A Powered Parachute


A Pennsylvania man is planning an epic transcontinental journey by powered parachute that includes a carrier takeoff and landing. Baron Tayler plans to take off from the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego on May 10 for a two-month trip to Charleston Harbor, S.C., where he’ll land on the deck of the USS Yorktown. He’ll cover 3,600 miles and stop at least 53 times on the trip. Tayler was the first to get a sport pilot certificate for powered parachutes and part of the reason for the trip is to educate the public on some of their unique capabilities. Tayler is founder of the PowerChute Education Foundation, which promotes the use of powered chutes for search-and-rescue operations. Their low-and-slow capabilities allow searchers to have a long, detailed look at the terrain below and their minimal landing-field requirements can often allow them to get into spots while other aircraft have to circle overhead. Operating costs are a fraction of many other aircraft. Tayler will be shadowed by a film crew and other powered chutists are invited to join him on legs of the journey.