Comair And See What A Bulb Cost


The light bulb only cost 77 cents, but without it, a “No Smoking, Fasten Seat Belt” sign on a Comair flight was dark, and it stayed out for four flights. What ensued, according to a report in Friday’s USA Today, was a four-year investigation, an inch-thick report, and a proposed $44,000 fine. (It’s possible the proposed fine would not recover the dollars spent through four years of investigation.) “It’s not simply the fact the light was out, but the follow-up actions required were not taken,” FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen told reporters. Nonetheless, the case was settled after Comair replaced the bulb and agreed to pay the fine … after it was reduced to $3,000. But we’re all safer, now. A Comair spokesman said the FAA was just doing its job and the company has no complaints with how the government handled the case. It’s possible some taxpayers who read USA Today’s report may feel differently.