Concorde Group Presses On


By now, maintenance on Concorde involves a thorough dusting, but a dogged group of British aviation buffs is hoping to hear the roar of those big engines again. Fueled by a 20,000-name petition, Save Concorde Group (SCG) is hoping to convince the British government to join the campaign. The petition will be presented at Prime Minister Tony Blair’s official residence at 10 Downing Street on Oct. 22. “The public’s fascination with Concorde is as strong as ever,” said an SCG news release. The supersonic airliners are now scattered in museums around the world and the SCG’s focus is on G-BOAF, the last Concorde to fly. It landed last Nov. 26 at Filton, Bristol. In the meantime, the SCG has been gathering support to put fresh kerosene in the tanks. The group has talked with former pilots, technical and maintenance staff and government officials who all want to see the aircraft fly again. “SGC believes passionately that, with enough skill and determination, Concorde will rise again,” said the news release.