Court Orders Daley To Reveal All


Cook County Circuit Court Judge William Maki has ruled the City of Chicago and its Park District must turn over all relevant documents and answer written questions about the March 31 late-night destruction of the runway at Meigs Field. The city and park department have asked the court for a “stay of discovery” in their attempt to overturn a temporary restraining order that prohibits further destruction of the facility, but Judge Maki turned them down. The restraining order is in effect until a May 16 hearing on a permanent end to the destruction. After that, Daley and other high-ranking city officials may have to file depositions in response to questions from the plaintiffs. Plaintiffs currently include Friends of Meigs (FOM), the Illinois Association of Air and Critical Care Transport and Chicago By Air. The next court date in the flurry of legal action surrounding Meigs is April 21, when oral arguments will be heard on FOM’s bid to throw out the city’s motion to dismiss the case. Meanwhile, thousands of AOPA members have passed judgment on Chicago and Illinois, according to AOPA President Phil Boyer. Boyer told Gov. Rod Blagojevich he’s never seen the membership so riled up and that will mean economic consequences for the city and the state.