Courts Address Aviation Safety, Liability Issues


Hendrick Motorsports has filed suit against the U.S. government over the 2004 crash that killed 10 people near Martinsville, Va., according to, alleging that the feds should contribute to the paying of damages if any negligence is found. Hendrick believes the actions of air traffic controllers contributed to the crash, reported. The NTSB blamed the crash on the flight crew’s failure to properly execute a missed approach, which resulted in controlled flight into terrain. Another issue being hammered out in court is whether or not faulty parts have been used in the assembly of Boeing 737s, and if so, whether they pose any danger. In a Page One story in Monday’s Washington Post, reporters found that the FAA did not assess many of the whistle-blowers’ key allegations, and the Pentagon and Transportation Department, in turn, relied on the FAA’s work.