Delta Strike May Be Averted


Delta Air Lines and the union representing its 6,000 pilots have reached a tentative deal on long-term wage and benefit cuts but no details are being released. The deal averts a potential strike the union threatened for next week. The union leadership took the weekend to go over the deal and will inform its members of its recommendations in the next couple of days. Lee Moak told the Chicago Tribune the analysis will be done “in an unrushed, methodical manner.” The deal must also be approved by a bankruptcy court. Delta has been in bankruptcy since last September. Delta pilots had already given up about $1 billion in concessions. Until this deal was reached, the airline was trying to get the existing contract cancelled so it could impose another $300 million in cuts. The union said the additional cuts were asking too much of its members. A tribunal that was looking at the issue of canceling the previous contract is taking a break while the union considers the latest deal. Details could be released this week.