Diamond Twin, With G1000, Certified


The first “aircraft-level” certification for Garmin’s G1000 glass cockpit system is a reality — in Europe — as is the first diesel-powered twin. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conferred type certification on the Diamond DA42 at the Berlin Air Show. It was the newly formed EASA’s first new aircraft certification. The G1000 system comes standard in the DA42 and is what Garmin calls the “first truly integrated, all-glass flightdeck in this aircraft class.” You don’t have wait in line to buy a TwinStar to get the G1000, however. Cessna announced last October that it would offer some of its piston singles with the multifunction display and primary flight display option. It now appears some of those aircraft have made it to the market. Vista Aviation, of Los Angeles, says it has a G1000-equipped 182 in stock. About the same time Cessna announced it was putting the G1000 in its aircraft, Diamond also said it would be offering the option in its DA40 four-place single, but it’s not clear from the company’s Web site whether deliveries have begun.