Door, Mag Locks Meet Jersey Rule


Well, chances are your airplane already meets New Jersey’s “two-lock” rule. After much hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing by the alphabets over the rule, announced by the state a week ago, it now appears the normal precautions most of us take are enough for New Jersey. For instance, the two locks can be the door and magneto switch … even if they use the same key. The law went into effect on Friday and covers any aircraft left at a state-licensed aircraft facility for more than 24 hours. AOPA representatives got the interpretation in a meeting with state officials last week. However, the AOPA delegation also looked for some concessions. They asked that the requirement be lifted at air carrier airports, since the TSA looks after security matters there, and they also urged that the rule be suspended when the terrorism threat level goes down to “yellow” or lower. The state officials promised to consider those ideas as well as to gather public input on the rule. New Jersey is also buying 200 AOPA Airport Watch signs to hang around its 47 state-licensed airports. Although the rule went into effect March 29, there won’t be any immediate enforcement right away, AOPA representatives were told.