EAA Discount Deal Could Help Kitfox Builders


When Kitfox kit manufacturer ETG Corp (Skystar Aircraft) declared bankruptcy last month, Kitfox builders were stuck. Some had already ordered and paid for their Rotax engines through the company, but that money never made it to Rotax. Now the chances that they will ever get that money back, or their engines, are slim at best. To help, EAA says it is working out a deal with a Rotax distributor and Sport Plane, of Idaho, to assemble a one-time bulk purchase of engines at a special price. While paying more money to buy an engine they’ve already paid for may be frustrating for builders, this discount deal may be the best option they have if they want to complete their projects, EAA said. “We knew that several members had received most of their kit and were well along with construction but were being held up waiting on deliveries of parts that Skystar purchased from vendors, typically the engine, landing gear and tailwheel,” said Charlie Becker, director of EAA aviation services. “No one likes what happened, but this can at least soften the blow.” Under the plan, Sport Plane will serve as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier for Rotax, place the bulk engine order through Kodiak (the Rotax distributor) and pass along the preferred pricing to the customers, based on the size of the order. For more details, go to the EAA Web site.